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Okie Elite Wrestling Camps


"One of the best summer wrestling camps going on with one of the best, most experienced coaches around! Having had the opportunity to wrestle for Coach Ryan at Tulsa Webster High School from 1995-1998. I not only got 10x better as a wrestler but I also learned to love the sport and with that came unexpected success which led to me earning a wrestling scholarship to The University Of Oklahoma. Now here 20yrs later I run my own wrestling club in Dallas, Tx and I teach my students the exact same thing Coach Ryan and others had taught me over the years. To this very day I give a huge part of all my success in wrestling and in my life to Coach Ryan because he taught me so much from the sport. Thank you Coach Ryan!"

-Melly Mel, Wrestling Coach of 20+ years

"Absolutely a GREAT camp, Mike Ryan and his staff do a superb job not only showing technique to the group, but also to the individual wrestler attending the camp. By the time you leave the camp, all the wrestlers will know how to drill every move shown during the camp and know how to drill these moves for the future!"

-Dr. Rick Dopps, Dopps Chiropractic

"Coach Ryan and the staff do a fantastic job teaching wrestling. But this camp is about more than just wrestling, the lessons they teach transcend the mat. They teach character, work ethic and values that help your kids be champions on and off the mat. Best thing that my son ever attended."

-Troy Witzanski, Wrestling Parent