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Okie Elite Wrestling Camps

Okie Elite Wrestling System

The Okie Elite Wrestling System is focused on highly effective technique. We only drill techniques that have been proven to work time and time again. Coach Ryan has coached 9 OHSAA DII Team Titles, and 39 Individual State Champions, he knows what it takes to win at the highest levels! 

From his experience coaching at the highest levels and working with great coaches throughout the years, Coach Ryan developed the Okie Elite Wrestling System. The Okie Elite System is unlike any other. Technique and drills are shown in a progessive manner and snowballed into a CALL OUT DRILL, the Okie Elite Call Out Drill.

Every session, at a Okie Elite clinic or camp, we call out techniques learned from every session. By the end of the clinic or camp, wrestlers will drill dozens and dozens of techniques that have been learned in a progressive effective manner. The implementation of techniques one session at a time and continiuous repitition of the technique and drills allows wrestlers to learn the Okie Elite System effectively!

After 100's (if not 1000's) of reps in a clinic or camp, we're confident you will improve. There is no other way to get better, but to drill highly effective technique over and over again, and repeat the process!

Learn more about the Okie Elite Wrestling System by following our tabs with specific technique. In the tabs in this subsection, we will share some of Okie Elite's finest technique and describe it in details with a video example.

Continue exploring to learn more about the Okie Elite Wrestling Sytem!