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Okie Elite Wrestling Camps

Head Outside Single Rotate Double

This is the one SHOT and FINISH that we feel will have a great impact on an individual's wrestling skills. This technique, when done correctly, is one the best shot and finish in wrestling today. 

Below are 5 steps you must take to perform the best shot in wrestling:

To begin, we must have a good set-up. I like to use the inside-tie with a collar tie.  This is a effective way to beat your opponents arm and get to his leg.

  1. Knee over toe penetration, drive through your opponent and attack head outside single.
  2. When opponent sprawls, split grip and step up keeping your chest high and head up.
  3. Rotate on your knee as you pull down and across, creating an angle.
  4. As you pull, your opponents weight will shift to the mat and your opponent will drop to a knee or hand.
  5. This is your cue to drive across and cut to a double leg finish. 

Finally, when mastering this technique you may want to increase your opportunities to score by practicing the technique time and time again like we do at camp. Also, include a few more set-ups as you increase your attacks.

Keep training and working on this shot, it will develop and become a go-to shot in live and match situations!